For a long time, estrogens have been associated with female fertility, but this feature does not limit their functionality. Thanks to estrogens, girls manage to maintain memory, body tone, and femininity. Estrogens affect the characteristics of a person’s creative thinking. As menopause approaches, estrogen levels begin to decline, which can lead to weight gain, as well as deterioration in skin quality and a decrease in visual acuity.

Causes of estrogen deficiency

Estrogen deficiency can also be observed at a young age. Lack of hormones can be caused by a reduced supply of eggs, which is a congenital disease. As a result, the synthesis of female sex hormones will occur in a reduced amount. Among the problems that lead to estrogen deficiency are poor sleep, stressful situations and constant overwork of the body. If a woman sleeps less than 5 hours in just one week, then the level of estrogen will be reduced by 20 percent. 

Strict diets also do not contribute to the normalization of estrogen levels. If male sex hormones begin to prevail in the female body, then the level of estrogen can decrease significantly. This effect is observed during intense physical exertion or the intake of various sports supplements.

Signs of estrogen deficiency are associated with anxiety, irritability and apathy. A woman is faced with a disruption in the cycle of rest and distress, and night sweats may also occur. Sexual desire is noticeably reduced, which affects the sex life of a woman. She notices dry skin, and signs of accelerated aging of the epidermis constantly make themselves felt. If estrogens are present in the body in excess, this will cause high pigmentation, as well as headaches and the appearance of varicose veins. Menstruation will become more abundant.

Estrogens are not good or bad, it is the balance that matters, as well as the control of the hormonal profile and its proper support.