Requirements for egg donors:

Requirements for egg donors:

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Egg Donors
Egg Donors

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Egg Donor

Egg donation. Egg donation is based on the IVF method and is intended for women who do not have (or cannot use) their oocytes, as well as for those who have a high risk of having a child with a pathology. This procedure is also used when there is a risk of sexually transmitted diseases.

The question of using the egg donation program (the use of donor eggs) is usually caused by problems with conceiving a child. In some cases, infertility in women is due to the fact that the growth of their ovarian follicles does not proceed properly and the maturation of oocytes does not occur. The absence of eggs can be associated with age-related changes, any of these processes can be caused by pathological conditions: premature menopause, significant damage to the ovaries during x-ray and chemotherapy treatment, chromosomal disease. In such situations, egg donors save. Then, during the IVF donor program process, the egg is fertilized with the husband’s sperm or healthy donor sperm.

The efficiency of embryo transfer is determined by many factors, individual in each case. The possibility of pregnancy is more than effective for patients with a normal IVF program. For egg donation, the price is quite small compared to what happiness you will receive from the unborn child.

Who can become a donor?

According to the ASTM (American Society for Reproductive Medicine) and ESHRE (European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology) recommendations, an egg donor must be under 32 years of age and in good physical and mental health. We do not work with donors who have a history of cancer, heart disease, kidney disease, hereditary diseases and STDs, mental disorders, alcohol or drug addiction.

Egg donation gives infertile parents new hope. Daryna Plus is pleased to offer future parents the opportunity to choose the person who wishes to donate an egg. Since our egg donors are not anonymous, future parents have access to our international database. Each donor has undergone a thorough screening with a detailed profile containing important information about who chooses to donate an egg, including age, height and weight, lifestyle, education, current occupation, medical history, family history and ancestry.

We provide this information to give you the freedom to choose the donor that best suits your family’s needs. Out of respect for our donors, we keep their personal information private, but you can see their photos for decision making.

Oocyte donor

I want to give life. For those who want to know how to become an egg donor, this paragraph should be read. The oocyte donor must go through the normal screening process for prospective parents and your child. We want to make sure you are ready to become an egg donor. If you are a mother and overwhelmed with maternal feelings, if you are ready to help someone become happy parents, our offer is for you. The examination includes the following (additional procedures are possible):

  • the age range is 18-32 years;
  • conclusion of a general practitioner that the egg donor is healthy and has no contraindications for pregnancy;
  • chest X-ray, the conclusion that the egg donor is healthy (absence of tuberculosis);
  • breast ultrasound;
  • a message from the pediatrician that the donor’s children are healthy;
  • reports of a narcologist and psychologist;
  • HIV syphilis tests;
  • tests for hepatitis B, C, A;
  • tests for toxoplasmosis;
  • rubella tests;
  • tests for the chlamydia virus;
  • genetic karyotype test;
  • urogenital swab;
  • cytology;
  • complete blood count, blood type and Rh factor;
  • coagulogram;
  • tests for the amount of glucose;
  • FSH-follicle-stimulating hormone tests;
  • tests for AMH – anti-mullerian hormone;
  • antral follicle count report with ovarian scan.

Once we have received confirmation from one of our doctors that the client has successfully completed this test, we are ready to begin with stimulation. In order for the egg donation to be successful, we use special injections. Stimulation can last from 10 to 14 days. During this process, the woman is constantly under the supervision of a doctor, and future parents are regularly provided with information about the patient’s health status. So far, egg donation has neutral consequences, that is, nothing changes in a woman’s life.

Donate an egg

How exactly can you help? In Ukraine, every fifth is infertile. More and more couples are forced to turn to specialists for help. Many women are unable to conceive because of the poor quality or lack of oocytes in the ovaries. In such cases, only donor participation will allow you to conceive and give birth to a long-awaited child. In this way, you can help these families feel filled with maternal and parental feelings by being aware of being a mother. You can make someone’s dream come true and give another citizen to Ukraine.

You can help infertile couples find happiness if:

  • you have one or more children;
  • your age is between 18 and 32;
  • you do not have chronic, gynecological and genetic diseases;
  • you have a normal physical condition (there is neither excess nor lack of weight);
  • you have not had operations on the mammary glands and ovaries;
  • you do not suffer from alcoholism or drug addiction;
  • you are completely mentally healthy;
  • you did not suffer from hepatitis A (Botkin’s disease) and diabetes;
  • you do not have HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis or other diseases that can be passed on to a child.

How much can you earn?

There is no set price for egg donation. It all depends on the quality and quantity of the material received. However, you can be sure that your efforts will pay off in full. In addition, all procedures will be carried out exclusively at the expense of the clinic, so not only will you not lose anything, but you will also receive test results about your health. To donate an egg, Kiev is great, you can contact us and make an appointment with a doctor who will advise you in detail on all your questions.