Many girls wonder how many eggs do women have? Before answering this question, you need to understand how eggs are formed. This process takes place in the ovarian follicles. The processes of egg formation are directly related to the first follicles. This happens during fetal development in the girl’s body. How many eggs do women have? When girls start menstruating, the number of eggs grows to three hundred thousand. The eggs are stored in the ovaries, they act as a bank. It is important to note that the number of eggs in a woman is not replenished, so it is recommended to use them wisely. How many eggs are in a woman’s body?

When a woman is thirty-five years old, the total number of eggs decreases to twenty-five thousand. The number of eggs is reduced to a thousand at the onset of menopause. Note that the total number of eggs in the female body is difficult to calculate, everything happens on an individual basis.

Oocyte maturation

Egg production is carried out by half a thousand follicles, if we take into account the reproductive age of a woman. The very first follicles die, experts call this process atresia. An oocyte is the maturation of an egg, and oogenesis means the formation of eggs.

How many eggs does a girl have?

To find out the reserve of eggs in a woman, it is necessary to apply a hormonal test in practice. It is this approach that makes it possible to find out the total number of eggs in the body. This test is very useful for girls who have problems with infertility. Also, the test is relevant for those who want to get pregnant.

Immediately, we note that testing is prescribed for those who have undergone a course of treatment for oncological diseases. The test shows and determines the hormone in the body, due to which the approximate number of eggs is determined.