Pregnancy problems can arise for a variety of reasons. Many women experience infertility or need to have a baby at a later age when they can no longer use their own eggs. In this case, the best treatment is egg donation. Age-related changes in a woman’s body lead to the fact that the quality of eggs and their number decreases. Young women may experience early menopause, which also prevents them from using their eggs to conceive.

Main stages

Before using the service, you need to make sure that the sperm is of sufficient quality to exclude a possible problem with infertility. For this purpose, specialists conduct a spermogram, and after its results, patients can proceed to infertility treatment by egg donation. Even if the result of the spermogram is not perfect, but allows you to start IVF treatment, the couple will be able to use donor eggs.

Before starting the fertility treatment procedure, it is very important to determine exactly the reason why a woman cannot become pregnant. If the problem is a health problem in a woman, then for treatment they resort to using the eggs of a healthy girl aged 21-30 years. The egg donation procedure is completely anonymous. It is very important to achieve the maximum match in physical characteristics between the donor and the couple who need eggs. Patients can always get all the necessary information from doctors who specialize in IVF treatment.